white peppermint (Eucalyptus pulchella)

6 to 15 metres tall
Natural Distribution: 
Only found in Tasmania's south-east, in dry forests and woodlands.

This graceful small eucalypt, with lovely fine leaves and beautiful bark, is only found in Tasmania, unlike the other three eucalypts found in Taroona,  which also grow on the Australia mainland. 

White peppermint is often grown in gardens as it is relatively small (compared to Taroona's other eucalypts) and can be kept shorter by tip pruning. 

Its species name 'pulchella' is Latin for beautiful and little. Its common name 'white' refers to its smooth white trunk.

White peppermint's distinguishing features include a smooth white trunk; buds/flowers/fruits in clusters of 5 to 12; cream flowers; and very thin juvenile (young) and adult leaves.

Habitat Value:

As with all eucalypts, many birds and insects forage amongst the foliage, bark and leaf litter. Birds and possums find nesting sites amongst its branches and/or hollows. 

(Photos:  Murray Fagg and Fiona Rice)


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