What's wrong with weeds?

Uncontrolled weed invasion smothers native plants, reducing habitat and food for local wildlife. Although major progress has been made by TEN in the last decade to control weeds along Taroona's foreshore and in some of its gully reserves, there are still some places overtaken by weeds. 

What do they look like? Go to the WEEDS page of our website for information, including best control methods.  

5 ways to help control weeds and improve Taroona's biodiversity:

  • Remove all environmental weeds from your garden and encourage your friends and neighbours to do the same. Cotoneaster, boneseed, mirror bush, blue periwinkle, banana passionfruit, blackberry, sweet valerian and briar rose are some of Taroona's common weeds.
  • Don't dump garden rubbish in Taroona's bushland, gullies or foreshore reserves. Dumped garden rubbish and dumped soil is the primary source of weed infestation. And it's illegal!
  • Plant natives in your garden. Be careful with mainland natives - some become bushland invaders, such as Grevillea rosmarinifolia. If you want to plant exclusively Taroona natives, see the NATIVE PLANTS section of our website. 
  • Be careful when purchasing plants for your garden. Some plant nurseries still sell species which are environmental weeds, such as canary broom.
  • Come to TEN's working bees and weed with us!