tasmanian blanketleaf (Bedfordia salicina)

2-5m shrub or small tree
Natural Distribution: 
Widespread in Tasmania.

Tasmanian blanketleaf is a small tree which only occurs in Tasmania. It belongs to the same family as daisies. It is usually found growing as a small tree beneath tall eucalypts, however it also grows as a shrub on dry rocky cliffs, like the Alum Cliffs.

Its leaves are soft and woolly, hence its common name, 'blanketleaf'. It produces yellow flowers in November. Both its leaves and flowers are fragrant.

Habitat Value:  

Insects are attracted to its pollen.

(Photos:  Fiona Rice)


Many of our plants are named after people who discovered them, or people who were 'famous' at the time they were discovered. If you discovered a new species, what would you name it?

Tasmanian blanketleaf has soft, woolly leaves. What could be the purpose of having soft, woolly leaves?