Taroona's coastal flora

In Taroona we’re fortunate to have small areas of remnant coastal vegetation to inform us of the type of vegetation that would have existed prior to European settlement. Crayfish Point, the Alum Cliffs and the coastal bushland north of the High School are three such places.
Variations occur along our coastline according to soil, aspect and drainage. Typically though, blue gums, white gums, blackwoods and sheoaks dominate the canopy, while smaller trees include banksia, hop bush and prickly box. Common understorey shrubs include saltbush, coast wattle and boobialla, and there is a variety of ground covers, including bower spinach, pigface, sagg and native grasses.
By observing the remnant vegetation, we plan our coastal plantings accordingly, to restore coastal vegetation and encourage natural regeneration to provide habitat for our local wildlife.

Common native plants along Taroona’s foreshore

  • Acacia longifolia subsp. sophorae (coast wattle)
  • Acacia melanoxylon (blackwood)
  • Acacia verticillata subsp. verticillata (prickly moses)
  • Allocasuarina verticillata (drooping sheoak)
  • Atriplex cinerea (grey saltbush)
  • Austrostipa stipoides (coast speargrass)
  • Bansksia marginata (silver banksia)
  • Bursaria spinosa (prickly box)
  • Carpobrotus rossii (native pigface)
  • Correa alba var. alba (white correa)
  • Dianella tasmanica (forest flaxlily)
  • Dodonaea viscosa (broadleaf hopbush)
  • Eucalyptus globulus subsp. globulus (blue gum)
  • Eucalytpus ovata (black gum)
  • Eucalytpus viminalis (white gum)
  • Exocarpus cupressiformis (common native-cherry)
  • Ficinia nodosa (knobby clubsedge)
  • Juncus spp. (various rush species)
  • Leucopogon parviflorus (coast beardheath)
  • Lomandra longifolia (sagg)
  • Myoporum insulare (common boobialla)
  • Pelargonium australe (southern storksbill)
  • Poa labillardierei var. labillardierei (tussockgrass)
  • Poa poiformis var. poiformis (coastal tussockgrass)
  • Rhagodia candolleana subsp. candolleana (coastal saltbush)
  • Tetragonia implexicoma (bower spinach)