sweet briar (Rosa rubiginosa)

Grows to about a metre high.
Natural Distribution: 
Native to Europe and West Asia.

Also known as briar rose, this small erect shrub is essentially a wild rose. It has extremely thorny stems. In winter it is deciduous, so the only part of the plant visible is its thorny stems. From later winter to spring it produces pink flowers, which later become red hips (berries) containing numerous seeds. 

In Taroona it occurs in all of our works areas. It - along with blackberry - is one of those weeds that just keeps on turning up... 

Dispersal:  The seeds are spread by water, birds and animals, and in dumped garden waste and soil. It can also sucker and grow from root fragments.

Control:  Small plants can be handpulled. Larger plants must be cut and pasted. All stems should be bagged and disposed of.