hop native-primrose (Goodenia ovata)

up to 2m high
Natural Distribution: 
Widespread in Tasmania and on the south-eastern mainland.

This adaptable plant grows well on dry slopes and in wet gullies. It is a 'colonising plant' , which means after the soil has been disturbed (bushfire, clearing etc), this species is one of the first plants to grow back. 

Its botanical name 'Goodenia' is named after Samuel Goodenough (1743-1827), Bishop of Carlisle and amateur botanist, while 'ovata' refers to its oval-shaped leaves.

Its common name 'hop native-primrose' refers to its leaves being similar to hop leaves and its resemblance to the English primrose.

Habitat Value:

Food plant for caterpillars.

(Photos:  Fiona Rice) 


Leaves come in all shapes and sizes. Some soft, some thick and leathery, some juicy, some prickly and pointy, and some - like this plant - have serrated edges.

Why are leaves different? And why does this one have serrated edges?