cotoneaster (Cotoneaster sp.)

Multi-stemmed tree to 5m high.
Natural Distribution: 
Native to East Asia.

Cotoneaster will always be one of those weeds that keeps on turning up in our reserves because there are just so many of them still growing in Taroona's suburban gardens - ensuring a steady supply of seed deposited by birds into our bushland reserves. Ironically, in the 1960s, the local Council gave two Cotoneasters to each Taroona household as a gift. Mature cotoneasters have long been removed from our work areas, so TEN volunteers are mainly dealing with an ongoing occurrence of new seedlings. 

Dispersal:  Spreads prolifically from seeds by birds, and in dumped garden waste. 

Control:  Small seedlings may be hand-pulled (ensure all root material is removed). Large trees must be cut and pasted thoroughly or they will re-sprout.  Plant material with berries must be bagged and removed. Other plant material can be left to rot on-site.