cape ivy (Delairea odorata)

Spreads up to 10 metres.
Ground Cover
Natural Distribution: 
Native to southern Africa.

This smothering ground cover/climber has ivy-shaped leaves. During spring it produces yellow flowers. In Taroona it is well-established in several gullies, including the gully at Jenkins Place ('Passionfruit Gully'), and at Karingal Court. A small infestation also occurs on the bank below the Kelvedon soccer oval, near the sewer works.

Dispersal:  Birds spread the seed. Also spread by dumped garden waste and contaminated soil. 

Control:  Wear gloves as the foliage can irritate skin. Cape ivy is difficult to control as any plant material left in contact with the soil will take root and grow. Cut stems must be removed or draped high over native vegetation to die. All roots must be dug out. Spray any regrowth with herbicide.