canary broom (Genista monspessulana)

An upright shrub to 3m high.
Natural Distribution: 
Native to Europe.

In Taroona, canary broom is widespread and can be found in all of our work areas, however it is largely under control. The largest infestation is probably in the High School bushland near the foreshore, north of the school. Canary broom seeds prolifically, spreading rapidly through bushland, taking over native understorey species. 

Canary broom has yellow pea flowers during winter and spring. It is still grown in suburban gardens.

Dispersal:  Dumped garden waste is most responsible for its dispersal. Once established, mature plants seed prolifically with multiple seedlings germinating each year.

Control: Small plants may be handpulled. Larger plants must be cut and pasted with herbicide. Plant material containing seed must be bagged and removed. Other plant material can be left to rot on-site. 

(Photo:  Friends of Maria Island removing vast areas of canary broom)