bluebell creeper (Sollya heterophylla)

Spreads to 3 metres.
Ground Cover
Natural Distribution: 
Native to Western Australia.

This is a classic case of an attractive Australian native (native to WA) that causes havoc if it gets into native bushland in Tasmania. Bluebell creeper suckers extremely vigorously, creating a dense, matted cover, excluding other understorey species. Its purple-blue, bell-shaped flowers appear during spring. The flowers later develop into green, cylindrical fruits, which turn black during summer and autumn. 

Dispersal:  Dumped garden waste or contaminated soil. Once established, its seed is spread by birds. Also suckers.

Control:  Wear gloves - the foliage is toxic. Mattock out all roots, or very diligently and carefully cut and paste as close to ground level as possible. Remove all plant material. Regular follow up essential.